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Who are we?

Born from the depths of Foolishness herself, i am Fool is injecting new life into the Syracuse music scene with clever song craft and an infectious raw vibe. The music of i am Fool is a dish best served live. Don’t miss it.


The band, while dedicated to showcasing their own music, also applies their talent and perspective to an eclectic mix of cover songs. Artists represented are as diverse as The Beatles and Cake, Jane’s Addiction and The Grateful Dead, Joe Cocker and Weezer, Sublime and Neil Diamond.


The meaning of the band’s unusual name is is found in the eponymous song, i am Fool.
    I am Fool, who are you?
    Look at me, look at you
    You’re so cool, just so smooth
    I am everything you don’t want to be
    You’re everything I can’t do
    I am Fool


A genre-defying and energetic band with an undeniably unique edge, i am Fool was originally the brainchild of local actor and songwriter J. Brazill and drummer “Brother John” Clark. While they worked to create their brand of self-defined “Foolish Rock,” Brazill reconnected with his childhood friend, guitarist Mike “Noodles” Sweeney, with whom Brazill had founded his first band. Sweeney’s entrance to the band was soon followed by the original bass player’s exit. After playing without a bass player for many months, they eventually met veteran bassist “Reverend Ken” Kellerman at an open mic night. Reverend Ken’s style brought a unique sound to the mix, and they quickly made an impression on the music scene. The band most recently added professional artist and musician Tamaralee, a locally celebrated and award-winning vocalist whose performance background adds to the unique band sound.


i am Fool

J.Brazill - lead vocals & guitar

Tamaralee Shutt - vocals, trumpet, percussion, keys

Mike Sweeney - guitar

Reverend Ken - bass 

John Clark - drums